Kevin Shi

A bit of everything.

Currently studying CS at the University of Waterloo. I've taken on roles building UI, creating growth experiments, performing data science & analytics, and software engineering in organizations like Uber, Square, LimeBike, and SAP.

Always open to new experiences and constantly searching for the next adventure. I've hitchhiked over 500km in Japan knowing no Japanese, swallowed a still-beating snakeheart in Vietnam and been on over 25 flights since the start of the year.


Data Science - LimeBike

Fall 2017

Performed analysis on mobile and bike GPS data to improve location accuracy and heuristics for location updates of the dockless bikes. Worked on building the first demand prediction model and rebalancing cost model.

Tools include Python, Jupyter notebooks, Pandas, numpy, and SQL.


UI Engineering - Uber

Summer 2017

Collaborated with design to implement various redesign projects on This included a landing page redesign, a header redesign and general site-wide theme changes (layout, fonts, and colors).

I learned a lot of CSS. Worked with React and Redux.


Growth Engineering - Square

Winter 2016

Wore many hats in a small product team of 8 on Online Store. Ran the team's first A/B test in the onboarding funnel and launched the first international market. Performed an analysis on merchant store traffic to help prioritize social sharing over SEO.

Won Square's hackathon by designing and prototyping a dashboard for merchants to see their Online Store analytics. Worked with Ruby on Rails and EmberJS.


Backend Engineering - Top Hat

Summer 2015

Created a Python Django service to synchronize class lists and student grades with an open-source Java service using OAuth 2.0. Managed a local instance of the Java service and made an open source contribution to fix a bug in an endpoint.


SQL Writer - SAP

Summer 2014

Wrote a lot of advanced SQL statements as stored procedures used in an inventory management application. Made heavy use of techniques such as temporary tables, nested statements, and window functions.


Projects & Awards

1st Place - MHacks 6


Placed 1st out of 276 submissions among 1500 participants.

Led team to build an iPhone App that stores passwords and signs the user into their accounts when touchID is activated. The idea was inspired from a Kickstarter that gained a lot of attention for storing passwords in a usb device.

Check out the project submission, presentation, and Michigan CSE article.

Best UX, Top 30 - PennApps


Won the best user-experience award for building an augmented-reality language learning app for the iPhone. Use the objects around you to learn a language in a scavenger hunt style.

Check out the submission.

Best Mobile Hack - HackWestern


Led team to create a cross-platform (iOS, Android, and web) app to send and open files in real-world locations.

Received a meeting with the CEO and Founder of Kik Messenger (messenger app with over 300M users).

Check out the submission.

Most Innovative - UofT Hacks


Created an augmented-reality “suit” by feeding input from two webcams and overlaying data into an Oculus Rift. Gestures were read from a Myo armband.

The hack was featured on the Toronto Star.

VP, Academics - Math Society


Represented student body of 6000 on various faculty and school councils. Organized volunteers to solicit professors for recent exams and solutions to update the exam bank. Organized resume critiques and mock interviews sessions.

Founder - Spaces


Spent four months researching and talking to micro-influencers to develop a business plan intended to help influencers monetize and amplify their connection with their followers through chatbots.

Built a Facebook bot that received over 1000 likes in the process.

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